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Meet us at Awesome Walls

Glendalough climbing meet 22nd - 23rd August 2015

The second Cork Climbing Club official event will be on the 22nd - 23rd of August at Glendalough, co. Wicklow.

Climbers will be staying at the IMC hut from Friday 21st of August (2 nights) for €10 per person / per night, and depending on the weather we will be climbing in Glendalough, Dalkey or Awesome Walls Dublin! All the three venues are awesome!

There will be experienced climbers from our Club so everyone can tag along and enjoy their own level of climbing, while learning from each other. Let us know if you are in!!!

We will arrange carpool and accommodation in the coming days, stay tuned on the FaceBook member's group LINK HERE !

Photo kindly offered by David Flanagan

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