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Membership 2016

Hey all,

Hope you had a great summer and managed to get some good climbing days in on warm dry rock!

November marks the beginning of a new club year for the climbing club, which leads the way for some exciting new developments.

First up the club sport climbing trip away to Tenerife is happening on the first week of November, what's not to love about that, we can't wait!

In mid November we will be throwing a climbing party at AWC to kick start the 2015/2016 year. There will be some climbing, pizza, beer and videos involved. Some of us will show some pictures and talk about the climbing we have gotten up to since the club was set up in April. This event will also double as our AGM where anyone who wants can put forward suggestions about what the club does for the next year and where anyone who wants to get more involved in the running of the club can do so.

With the beginning of the new year the club will for the first time become officially affiliated to Mountaineering Ireland. This means we will be able to apply for and claim funding for grants for training etc which are specifically aimed at new clubs and we will make sure that as many of our members as possible are involved and can benefit from that.

The start of a new year means that it is time for everyone to renew the membership with us. In order for the club to be affiliated with Mountaineering Ireland, our members will also have to buy MI membership for the 2015/2016 year. We strongly encourage you to get this through the club as otherwise you won't be registered as a member of the club with MI. Membership for the 2015/2016 year will be €50 including MI membership or €20 without. The €20 will go towards the general club kitty for the first year which will allow us to do things like put deposits down for places in a hostel for future club trips etc. And by getting the MI membership card you will have an insurance and discounts with outdoor and climbing equipment shops.

This year will be the first full year for the CCC and we really hope you all get want to get involved and make sure there is a great community of climbers out there filling the crags of Munster on sunny weekends or pioneering new routes on unexplored sea cliffs in Kerry like our training officer was last week. Make it happen, get involved!

For further info on Cork Climbing Club or MI feel free to contact us via email at

-Cork Climbing Club-

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