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Gap of Dunloe meet 7-9 April 2017 (Trad Climbing and Bouldering Meet)

The Cork Climbing Club welcomes all climbers from across Ireland and further afield to take part in the Gap of Dunloe 2017 Climbing meet!!! There will be camping available, great atmosphere by the fire, an evening talk, guidance to the routes, help available by experienced climbers and partnering up for novice trad climbers.

Richard Cussen on Echo Beach, Póirse Gully

Parking in the Gap: climbers must park in the car park at Kate Kearneys for Bothan and the crags opposite Bothan (the main crags). For Jigsaw wall and for bouldering please park at the Barracks by leaving room for jaunting cars to turn.

Campsite: Camping is available at a small fee on the 7th and 8th of April at Con Moriarty’s. The campsite will be separated into two sections - one being the quiet area, far from the fire, for people to get a good rest; and another being a social area for people who want to have a chat and sit around the fire. Please respect those climbers who want to sleep.

Evening Talk: Saturday evening, the 8thof April, around 9pm, by Con Moriarty. Con was born and raised in the Gap of Dunloe, developed most of the routes in the Gap, he is the Owner of Hidden Ireland Tours and he is an accomplished mountaineer with world-wide experience.

***Please note that The Meet is weather dependent…fingers crossed for a great weekend***

View of the Gap of Dunloe from Bothan wall

If you need some info about climbing at the Gap, please follow the links below where you can download PDF's trad and bouldering guides.



Happy climbing,

Cork Climbing Club Committee

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